Scripture Comes to Life

Dramatic presentations transport audiences back to 1st Century Israel

for a firsthand experience of Jesus through the portrayals of biblical personages, giving audiences a visceral sense of what it may have felt like to be present

for the events of Jesus birth, life, death and Resurrection.

Retreats deepen participants' faith and relationship with Jesus through contemplating biblical figures and the journey of faith they took in response to encountering Jesus.  Performances bring Jesus and his teachings alive in a way that sparks thoughtful and lively conversation. Retreats include discussion of socio-political customs and culture during Jesus' time and contemplation of scripture.

Olivia Woodford

Founder of Bible Women Speak

Since 1992 Olivia has developed six one-woman plays that bring biblical women and events to life.  Her retreat offerings provide a indepth exploration of biblical women, scripture and the cultural realities that provide the context for how Jesus was understood and received. 

A BFA in Theatre from Boston University and a Member of Biblical Storytellers International, Olivia combined her experience as a theatre artist and storyteller, with theological research, a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, engaging in discussions with clergy and her own contemplations to create the scripts and retreats that have been inspirational to people of all walks of faith

She has presented her performances and retreats to over 1,000 churches, schools and women's groups of all denominations throughout the United States, Canada and New Zealand.

"I have never seen a performance depicting the scriptures more powerful, moving and impactful.”

Deacon Gil Swire, Trinity Episcopal - Canton, MA

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